Does your chimney need sweeping?

With over 32 years' experience in the industry, Martin Tawn has the knowledge and ability to thoroughly clean out your chimney flues.

Chimneys need to be regularly cleaned in order for you to maintain a clean, safe environment for your property.

Twigs from birds' nests, and moss, can collect inside your chimney blocking the smoke from exiting. In addition to this, the flues can become lined with poisonous soot that will begin to fall back down into the chimney hearth over time.

We work in both domestic and commercial properties, ensuring that your chimneys are safe for everyone using your property. Call us today for a free quote.

Why should you have your chimneys swept?

  • To remove blockages in your chimney breast that could become potential fire hazards
  • To remove dirt and soot in your chimney breast
  • To unblock the flue and remove anything that can prevent smoke leaving your house
  • Unclean chimneys will begin to pollute the air and furnishings of your home, pub or restaurant
Chimney sweeping

Make sure you avoid dangerous blockages and keep your chimney flues clean. Call on 01406 364 814

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